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Located on Dihua Street, 

the Taipei Lunar New Year Festival is the oldest one in Taiwan 

since its establishment in 1996.
In keeping with the ceaseless advances in high-tech in our lives, 

modern people stress convenience and speed, 

desiring ever more convenient, simplified, 

and at the same time diversified consumption. 

Echoing quick-changing consumer demands, 

the Taipei Lunar New Year Festival, 

famed for the unique New Year flavors experience it provides, 

has initiated optimization of the festival shopping experience, 

providing ultra-convenient services such as shuttle bus runs and online shopping with delivery.

We wish everyone can achieve new goals and have a better self.


Lunar New Year Goods Shopping

One-Stop Lunar New Year Goods Shopping

The exhaustion of lugging around a variety of large and small shopping bags full of Lunar New Year goods is over. The Dihua St. Shopping District offers a complete "One-Stop Lunar New Year Goods Shopping" experience, taking you from shopping to transportation to online shopping, making it easy for you to enjoy the Lunar New Year.

  • Representative shopping district: Dihua St. Shopping District

  • Features: Chinese herb medicine, dry goods

One-stop shopping destination for lifestyle goods

From clothing and beauty products to various festival items and lucky crystals, everything you need is available, providing great value for your money! Whether starting a business, getting married or traveling abroad, the Taipei Station Wholesale Market District, Huayin St. Taipei Main Station Shopping District and Taipei City Mall allows you to experience a wonderful life !

  • Representative shopping district: Taipei Station Wholesale Market District, Huayin St. Taipei Main Station Shopping District, Taipei City Mall

  • Features: Home decoration items, clothing, 3C products and games

One-stop shopping destination for fresh produce

Visit "Taipei Kitchen," which supplies a variety of fresh ingredients. Purchase all the ingredients for the festive dishes in one go, making it easy to create convenient and delicious Lunar New Year feasts.

  • Representative shopping district: Rongbin Market

  • Features: Fishery products


One-stop entertainment destination

Don't stay home during the Lunar New Year! After enjoying the spring festivities, gather with friends to indulge in delicious food at the Bangka and Ningxia night markets, savoring the good times of the Lunar New Year together !

  • Representative shopping district: Bangka Night Market, Ningxia Night Market

  • Features: Local delicacies and gourmet snack foods



Shuttle Service

Dragon's Here Shuttle Service

This year, a special shuttle service

has been arranged for the convenience of the public

to take the festive minibus directly to the Dihua St.

Shopping District for all your Lunar New Year shopping needs!

★Off-peak hours: Runs every 10–15 minutes

★Peak hours: Runs every 25–30 minutes

★ The above are estimated intervals, subject to actual traffic conditions

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 Let's play

Dragon's Here with Good Luck

During the event period from 2024/1/26 (FRI) to 2024/2/8 (THU),

you can find the hidden wealth-bringing dragon, lucky dragon, shopping dragon and fortune dragon at the Taipei Lunar New Year Festival. Invite your family and friends to join the fun!

Dragon's Here Red Envelope

Grabbing for Good Luck

Simply like the "Taipei City Office of Commerce, @tcooc" fan page

and complete one of the following tasks to have a chance to win limited-edition dragon good luck red envelopes, bedsheet sets and various gifts from collaborating brands!

Event time:2024/1/26(FRI)–2024/2/8(THU)
Event venue:Yongle Square, Dihua St.

1. Take a photo at the Dragon's Here Red Envelope Grabbing event, the Lucky Dragon or the co-created Lunar New Year lantern area, upload the photo to your Instagram or Facebook account with the hashtags "#2024TaipeiLunarNewYearFestival" and "#Dragon'sHereRedEnvelopeGrabbing" to qualify for red envelope grabbing.

Choose either Instagram or Facebook; the sharing must be set as public; share the post on the same day and each person can use one account for redemption once).


2. Spend over NT$300 (inclusive) in participating shops within the Dihua St. Shopping District and show the same-day purchase receipt to qualify for red envelope grabbing.
★ Only one purchase receipt per person can be used for redemption, not all of them at once.

★ The above mechanisms require confirmation by staff, and are available in limited quantities until stock lasts.

Dragon's Here Lunar New Year DIY

Spring brings good fortune and good luck!
Come to Dihua Street Yongle Square to experience writing couplets and creating your unique creative couplets with basic Lunar New Year blessings in Mandarin. Foreign tourists can also draw or write Lunar New Year's wishes on the couplets to create

a unique and creative couplet.

Event time:2024/1/26(FRI)–2024/2/8(THU), 13:00-20:00

How to Register: On-site registration is open for queuing before the start of the event and the public is welcome to experience writing Lunar New Year's blessings on couplets in order.


Dragon's Here for Fun and Laughter

A variety of performances will be performed in rotation at Yongle Square, showcasing the lively atmosphere of the Year of the Dragon! Want to know what performances are scheduled? Hurry to the scene and feel the festive atmosphere of the Year of the Dragon!

Event time:2024/1/26(FRI)–2024/2/8(THU), 13:00-20:00

Event venue:Yongle Square, Dihua St.

Fortune Money


Good luck is all yours

This year's Fortune Money features "one single dragon" which means "one-stop service" weaving through everything, designed with the imagery of the Year of the Dragon and elements of the shopping district. A dragon holding a one-dollar Fortune Money is also designed, symbolizing that good luck is all yours!


Open the door to welcome the God of Wealth

The back of the Fortune Money can be unfolded and placed on the table as a lucky charm to attract wealth and good luck, bringing you good fortune in the Year of the Dragon!

Street visits to offer Lunar New Year 's greetings and seek good fortune


Personally distribute the limited wealth-bringing Fortune Money red envelopes to send out good luck and blessings for the Lunar New Year!
Visit the shopping district during the following times to have a chance to get the limited Fortune Money!

※Street visit times are tentatively scheduled.

★2024/1/27(六) 14:30

Taipei Station Wholesale Market District, Huayin St. Taipei Main Station Shopping District, Taipei City Mall
(Fortune money will be distributed along the street during the first street visit)

★2024/1/28(日) 17:00

Dihua St. Shopping District

★2024/2/1(四) 18:30

Ningxia Night Market

★2024/2/4(日) 11:00

Rongbin Market

★2024/2/8(四) 17:30

Bangka Night Market

(Fortune money will be distributed at specific location during the second, third, fourth and fifth street visit)

Notice:The exact send time will be adjusted according to actual circumstances.



Guides to 2024 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival

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